area rug BrentwoodAlmost every Brentwood home could use an area rug in at least one room. Rugs serve practical purposes, such as protecting your floors from furniture and lifestyle damage and providing warmth and comfort during the winter months. An area rug can also have aesthetic value as a design element that ties your furniture and décor together. Regardless of your reasons for choosing an area rug, be sure you’re selecting the right rug for your home with these tips from the flooring design experts at Floor Coverings International Brentwood.

Know Your Needs

A good area rug should bring textural and visual interest to a room, without clashing with your taste and lifestyle. If your space has a pretty toned-down palette, or if you feel it’s a bit busy already, consider going with a monochromatic, high-pile rug. If your furniture and décor already play second fiddle to your floors, a bright, patterned area rug with a shorter pile may be just right for your space! With so many options out there, you’re bound to be able to find a good area rug for your Brentwood home.

Show off Your Style

If you’re going through the trouble of finding a rug to top off your existing flooring, you should make sure that it’s well-suited to your personal taste. An area rug is also your chance to make a statement with your flooring. A rug with a bold pattern or a rich pile can add pizzazz to your space, but won’t permanently shape the character of a room in the way that installing a new floor would.area rug Brentwood

Fill Your Space

When it comes to choosing the size of an area rug, you shouldn’t be afraid to go big! Since an area rug can define a space, you want one that makes your space feel bigger than it is, not smaller. A rug that fills your space and fits underneath some of your furniture is ideal for visually opening up a room. A larger rug will also do a better job of protecting your floors from scratches.

Invest in Your Home

If the cost of a larger area rug is holding you back from going big, think of your area rug as an investment in your home and flooring. An area rug will keep your floors in better shape, so you don’t have to replace or refinish them as frequently. A large area rug will add warmth to a greater area of your home, which could potentially lower your heating bill.

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