living room carpet Brentwood

There is no better way to bring coziness and comfort to your living room than by installing carpet. Just because you’ve chosen carpet doesn’t mean that the decision making is over, though. Since carpet comes in so many styles, fiber types, and piles, Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills homeowners have tons of options to choose from, but some carpet types are better suited for the living room than others. Read on to learn about some of the favorite carpet styles of the experts here at Floor Coverings International Brentwood.

Carpet Fiber Types

When it comes to central spaces like the living room, it’s good to have a fiber that can stand up to a little bit of wear and tear. Synthetic fiber options like nylon and polyester are cheaper and sturdier than natural fibers like wool, while still providing plenty of comfort. Nylon especially is known for being soft, making it ideal for a living room setting.

living room carpet Brentwood

Carpet Pile

A big factor in carpet texture is carpet pile. Low pile carpets have smaller, denser loops, while carpets with high pile have looser, larger loops. Low pile carpets are easier to clean, so if you share your Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills home with children or pets, consider low pile. However, a high pile carpet like shag can be a luxurious addition to any living room. Both low pile and high pile carpets can make your living room feel inviting, so just pick the type that best accommodates your lifestyle and taste.

Carpet Construction Style

Two common construction styles for carpeting are cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets are made by cutting the ends of the carpet, to give the carpet a full-bodied, lush texture. Because it’s typically softer than loop pile, cut pile carpeting can be used to add comfort to your Brentwood home. Common types of cut pile carpeting include frieze, velvet, hard twist, and plush.

Loop pile carpet has not been cut, leaving the looped ends of the carpet more intact. Typically, looped pile carpet has a firmer texture than cut pile. If you prefer the look and feel of loop pile carpet, consider going with Berber, a style in which the pile loops are uniform in height. Because of the carpet’s uniform texture, it holds up well to daily wear and tear.

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